Thank you so much for stopping by. I am over the moon to have you here!

A love for the sky above to celebrate with our love for people.

Wherever we are in this magical world, when we look up in the dark sky we all see the same moon.
We all share the same stars, constellations, light, and time. The same universe above is witnessing our moments in life. The highs
and the lows. The joy, the happiness, the heartbreak, the loss, the love, and the beauty of being. It is this thought that brings me warmth and comfort whenever I miss someone and it is this thought that inspired a collection of celestial paper goods.

Made with a dash of stardust and a lot of love.

As an ode to the splendor of the heavens above, the paper goods are meant to feed the mind and soul, create an honest human connection, change your perspective and make you slow down to appreciate the inner and outer magic!